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Andy Ramirez, Founder

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LEOAC Legal Defense Fund Info

We, at the Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council (LEOAC), do not actively seek cases. In fact, over time we have been approached by legal counsels from across America as well as by law enforcement officers, and/or their family members. The officer presents his case materials, which are vetted by our board members, which consists of a number of retired law enforcement managers and civilian experts who have worked on criminal and administrative cases. After the initial vetting, the case is reviewed by our legal counsels to see if there are any additional issues, like an indication of guilt by the officer, or perhaps an unjust prosecution or questionable termination of the employee. At that point, should a case be accepted, we may seek financial contributions for such work, from which such funds may be used to assist the officer.

Per IRS rules and regulations fundraising is conducted for the organization, to assist the charitable work. Such appeals are not solely to benefit any individual seeking support. However, funding from such fundraising appeals may be appropriated for use in individual cases. We also notify the appropriate governing legislative bodies, media, or general public as to a case and its' merits or lack thereof. If there is no counsel for the officer, we may be able to offer such services pro-bono, or can make a recommendation to an attorney who specializes in defending officers, or counsel of their choice. We can also provide amicus curiae (friend of the court) briefs on behalf of the officer and on a pro-bono basis.

Our policy is that the board must review cases and/or financial assistance requests. However, those cases denied by the committee can be appealed directly to the board. Our counsels will assist with each case review that comes before our organization as part of the process. We will work to ensure confidentiality is met.

Some of the expert counsels we work with include: Mark Conrad, Chief Counsel; John Cavicchi, Associate Counsel; Ron Tonkin, Associate Counsel; Mark Berkowitz, Associate Counsel, Steve Cohen, Associate Counsel; as well as Jack Wolfe, Esq; Bob Baskett, Esq; and Ed Mason, Esq. This is a dream team of highly experienced, honorable counsels, and we thank them for defending America's officers against trumped up administrative and criminal charges.

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