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Donations to LEOAC are 100% Deductible for Income Tax Purposes  

Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years our founding organizations' directors have received a number of questions from the Congress, media, and site visitors. Accordingly, we are providing you with this page to answer the one's requested most frequently. We will post some soon.

1. Why was LEOAC created?
The principle purpose of the Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council is to educate the public about the duties and responsibilities of law enforcement officers engaged in national security operations. LEOAC also provides technical and legal support for law enforcement officers. The bottom line is: "We advocate and educate."

2. When was LEOAC created?
LEOAC was founded in 2008 and is incorporated in the State of California. We are a 501c3 non-profit law enforcement advocacy organization. LEOAC was co-founded by civilian national/border security advocates/experts, retired federal law enforcement officers, and attorneys who have defended law enforcement officers and other retired officers from across America.

3. What does the Legal Defense Fund do and why was it created?
We will soon establish the LEOAC Legal Defense Fund as a result of the War on Law Enforcement and cases involving law enforcement officers across the nation. The LDF will be capable of assisting law enforcement officers being prosecuted or terminated unjustly by DHS/DOJ after a thorough independent investigation by our experienced team of attorneys and retired law enforcement professionals. Also, the LDF assists officers being penalized more harsly than circumstances call for by their own managers.

4. How does an agent/officer seek assistance from the FOBP Legal Defense Fund and what is the application process?
LEOAC is developing the application process. We will require a written agreement between the "client" and ourselves to define our support. Prior to acceptance of an application, we conduct an independent investigation to ascertain the facts of the case, which shall remain confidential. Should our investigation demonstrate an injustice be taking place, we will accept the case and will take steps such as notifying the public through the media and the Congress. If funds permit, we may assist with legal representation for the "client."

5. Does the Legal Defense Fund provide funding for current or previously earned legal fees on cases?
No, the LEOAC Legal Defense Fund does not accept financial responsibility for legal fees of attorneys previously hired by the client, unless agreed to in writing as authorized by the Board of Directors. If a "client" is a member of their union, such as the National Border Patrol Council, their legal fees would be reimbursed or paid upon "client" acquittal. Keep in mind this is part of union dues and why they are paid.

6. How is LEOAC funded?
The Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council accepts donations, which are 100% tax deductible. American citizens, and organizations can make donations to support our work and projects from across the nation, some of which have led to providing information to the Congress and law enforcement agencies. We do not share our donor/volunteer lists with any entity so as to ensure your privacy.

7. How will my contribution help?
Your generous donation will help support our projects, operations and overhead, which allow us to investigate security compromises across America. Our investigations have resulted in our testifying as expert witnesses before Congress and uncovering details that DOJ and DHS have hidden from the Congress. We have also helped law enforcement officers and their families through our legal defense fund and assisted their cases.

8. How can we make a contribution to LEOAC, and are they tax-deductable?
You can send in a check, money order, and in the near future will be able to make an electronic donation via PayPal through our website. Contributions made to LEOAC are 100% tax deductible. The IRS approved our tax-exempt application retroactive to the date of incorporation. As we are required to maintain financial records, we've provided a form on the Donations page. Your generous support today will be the cornerstone to help support our efforts.

9. Is LEOAC a national organization?
Yes, LEOAC is a national organization and works with the Congress, law enforcement agencies and associations/coalitions across the country. Our board and advisors, many of whom are retired federal law enforcement agents have worked in a multitude of agencies across America and overseas.

10. Why isn't there an apostrophe after officers or advocates in the organization's name?
Succinctly, because it couldn't be added into the domain name. That question actually has been asked by some of our own board members.

Visit our Contact Info Center to ask questions to our board members, advisors, or pro-bono counsels directly.

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