Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council

Andy Ramirez, Founder

Donations to LEOAC are 100% Deductible for Income Tax Purposes  

LEOAC Biographies

At LEOAC, we believe it is important for donors and recipients to know the background of our team so you know a little about us.  Links to our biographies are located on the right side of the page.

Introducing LEOAC's Original Co-Founders
Kevin Cleary; Glynn Custred, Ph.D.; Andy Ramirez; Ruben Gonzalez; Sandy Gonzalez.

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Board of Directors

Andy Ramirez
Dave Stoddard
Carl ToersBijns
Kelsey Wolff
Glynn Custred


Al Garza

Advisory Committee

Carmen Morales
Corey Pudwill
Elva Garza
Laura Jecker
Lenny Scaletta
Ruthie Hendrycks
Simon Conway
Susan Smith

LEOAC Counsels

Mark Conrad
Steve Cohen
Mark Berkowitz
Ron Tonkin